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Chemical Water Treatment

Pool Sanitising Chemicals at Incredible Prices

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Reasons for Using Chemicals

Pool chemicals kill bacteria (some of which are pathogenic and harmful) and algae, which can turn your pool water green and unsightly. Fitration of the pool water prevents the pool water from becoming cloudy by removing the dead bodies of bacteria and algae. It is important to use chemicals to kill these contaminants because filtration is insufficient on its own, and live organisms are sticky and tend to clog filters (particularly cartridge ones).

Many different chemical options are available, including chlorine-based chemicals, non-chlorine-based chemicals, algaecides, flocculants, and clarifiers.

Types of Chemicals Available

Chlorine-Based Chemicals - Chlorine is the most widely used chemical. It is inexpensive easy to use and many like its clean fresh smell. The concentration used in domestic pools is lower than that of public pools where most of the unpleasant smell and stinging of eyes is caused by chloramines (chlorine attached to ammonium products largely from urine).

Alternative Non-Chlorine-Based Chemicals - There are now alternatives to chlorine for those who do not like the smell or taste of chlorine or for those who are allergic to it. These are excellent but will work out more expensive.

Algaecides - Chlorine kills algae but using algaesides in addition to chlorine is popular as they help to prevent the pool going green if the chlorine level accidentally falls. Some need to be added in small amounts weekly but the most popular is “long life” with one dose lasting up to 6 months. Those containing copper should be avoided by people with very blonde hair who spend a lot of time under water. Algaesides are designed to inhibit the growth of algae but do not kill it. This must be done with shock chlorine.

Flocculants & Clarifiers - These can be used with chlorine and bromine treated pools to help remove cloudiness due to fine suspended particles that the filter is having difficulty removing. They are not suitable with cartridge filters.  

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