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The Fusion - Nature 2 is an eco-friendly chlorine and mineral sanitising system for in-ground pools, and is proven to destroy bacteria and algae, and provide cleaner, clearer, and softer water.

The Nature 2 cartridges contain Active Mineral balls which collect the particles that the filter fails to stop, and disperses disinfectant minerals throughout the pool. This patented technology combined with an automatic chlorine tab feeder gives visibly superior water quality - without having to add any extra chemicals such as flocculants, algaecides, or clarifiers. The Nature 2 reduces the amount of chlorine required by half, reducing skin and eye irritation, and odour. The system does not affect the pH of the pool and the chemistry of your pool is balanced, meaning fewer tests and checks are required.

The system does not require an electrical supply, and is easy to install and use throughout the season. The integrated chlorine tab dispenser utilises easily obtained Tri-chlor Maxitabs, and one fill of chlorine tablets usually lasts around two months. Replacement mineral cartridges usually last around 6 months.

Please note: do not use with bromine, PHMB (such as Baquacil) or products containing copper. Although the Nature2 system uses copper, it is not an ionic purifier. It produces low copper levels between about 0.02 and 0.06ppm.

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