Salt Chlorinators

Salt Chlorinators

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For use in salt water pools, Salt Water Chlorination works by generating chlorine-based sanitising agents (Hypochlorous acid and Sodium Hypochlorite) from dissolved salt via electrolysis. A salt water pool is therefore not chlorine-free, since chlorine is produced in the pool rather than directly added.

Having a salt chlorinator in your pool means you won't have to manually add chlorine to your pool, and the process produces almost neutral pH levels so you won't need to add many additional chemicals. A salt cell will only need to be replaced every few years. An advantage of salt water chlorination is that, unlike traditionally chlorinated pools, it helps prevent the build-up of chloramines which can cause eye and skin irritation.

Please note: you should check compatibility of heating equipment before installation. We advise that all metal parts in contact with the water share a common earth to avoid tarnishing.



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