Fastlane Counter Current System

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The Fastlane Counter Current System has an innovative and patented design, and will transform your pool. With a hydraulically driven paddle wheel instead of nozzles, it is nearly twice as powerful as other jets and creates a much wider stream of water. It provides a turbulence-free and quiet-flowing current that is fully adjustable for any level of swimmer.

The Fastlane features a remotely located, 5HP power unit with a specially designed hydraulic motor, which powers a paddle wheel inside the poolside mounted swim unit. All electric is kept away from the poolside for safety. The innovative channelling system 'straightens' the water flow to create an extremely smooth-flowing current. The current is easily altered by changing the speed of the propellor at the touch of a button.

Suitable for new and existing pools, both above ground or in ground, the Fastlane can be used in water as shallow as 35in (approx. 89cm). If you are using the unit with an existing pool, all you have to do is roll it across your pool deck and hang it in the water!

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