In Ground Pool Options

In Ground Pool Options

Top Quality Luxury Kits & Equipment at Incredible Prices

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We offer the best value leading brand equipment. Our kits include items that are usually sold as 'extras' in competitor's kits, our kits are therefore unbeatable value for money. We provide generous amounts of pipes & fittings, a self-priming pump, a vacuum-point for easy pool cleaning, independent valves on three separate suction lines and custom tailored liners to fit dimensions you choose when you are ready. We don't tie you down to a set pool size as options are available in any size or shape you like - we include standard sizes as a guideline only. Actual kit contents will vary with the type of kit you choose and your particular requirements and preferences.

Typical pool size guide*:

Pool dimensions 20ft x 10ft (6.10m x 3.05m) 24ft x 12ft (7.32m x 3.66m) 28ft x 14ft (8.53m x 4.27m) 30ft x 15ft (9.14m x 4.57m) 32ft x 16ft (9.75m x 4.88m) 36ft x 18ft (10.97m x 5.49m) 40ft x 20ft (12.19m x 6.10m)

*With optional deep end and/or shallow end. Remember, your pool can be any size you like!

Plumbing & Wall Fittings 

Our kits include the finest quality plumbing and fittings from leading brands.

Plumbing - typical pack contents include*:

Item Usual price / each   Usual price / pack
Pipe cement (240ml) x 2    
Equal T's x 3    
Socket p/p x 10    
Ball Valve x 3    
Socket Union x 2     

*exact details may vary according to application

Plus the following items*:

Item Usual price / each   Usual price / pack Quantity required for each standard pool size 20ft x 10ft (6.10m x 3.05m) 24ft x 12ft (7.32m x 3.66m) 28ft x 14ft (8.53m x 4.27m) 30ft x 15ft (9.14m x 4.57m) 32ft x 16ft (9.75m x 4.88m) 36ft x 18ft (10.97m x 5.49m) 40ft x 20ft (12.19m x 6.10m)
Pipe 1.5"  

5x3m​ £55.00

45m 45m 45m 45m 45m 54m 60m
Nipples £1.50 10 pack @ £14.00 6 6 6 6 6 6 6
90° elbow £1.90 10 pack @ £17.00 20 20 20 20 20 20 20
45° elbow  £1.80 10 pack @ £16.00 5 5 5 5 8 8 8
Tee's £3.00 5 pack @ £14.00 3 3 3 3 3 3 3
Price of plumbing kit 1½" all above £ £ £ £ £ £ £

*length of pipe / number of items required depends on your pool size, numbers quoted above are for standard pool sizes

Wall fittings - typical pack contents include:

Item Usual price / each   Usual price / pack
Skimmer & wide angle extension* £149.00  
Inlet return fittings x 2 £16.00   
Safety main drain x 1 £39.00  
Low suction x 1 £16.00  
Vac Point x 1 £16.00  

*Skimmer: 2 on 36' x 18'  & 40' x 20', 1 on other pools; parallel throat skimmer on standard kit

Liners, Liner-lock & Copings


Our kit prices include a popular 'hopper' liner manufactured from .75mm thickness plain blue material. If you would like a tileband or pattern liner, you can choose from a large number of patterns available (the only extra charge is the difference between the plain liner prices applicable at the time of purchase). Liners are hand made to fit your finished pool. With our deluxe kits your pool can have any reasonable proportions and depths within each size range.  There will be no extra charge over current kit prices as long as your dimentions are not deemed to be 'oversized'. If you fancy a curved or L-shaped pool, that is quite possible! We advise that you delay ordering your pool liner until the pool shell is finished and you have accurately measured the finished screeded dimensions.  This is a safeguard against unforeseen ground conditions etc. which may cause an unforseen change of plan. There is no extra charge for this (unless deemed to be oversized) except if prices increase in the meantime. You should never cut or mark your liner until you are perfectly satisfied with the fit - if in doubt, please ask us for advice. Please note: an industrial strength vacuum suction must be applied to the rear of the liner at all times when fitting. Please see our Pool Liners section for more information, and our Liner Measurement Form for measuring your pool liner.


Included in your kit is a liner-lock fixing track. Liner-lock is a semi flexible plastic strip which your liner bead will secure into.   

Liner-lock (Top Mount) Prices:

Pool size 20ft x 10ft (6.10m x 3.05m) 24ft x 12ft (7.32m x 3.66m) 28ft x 14ft (8.53m x 4.27m) 30ft x 15ft (9.14m x 4.57m) 32ft x 16ft (9.75m x 4.88m) 36ft x 18ft (10.97m x 5.49m) 40ft x 20ft (12.19m x 6.10m)
Price £84 £96 £108 £120 £120 £132 £156

Coping Stones:

Our luxury kits include heavily discounted coping stones. We offer 9" straight (approx. 27cm) simulated stone copings (not including curves & corners) in a choice of two different colour shades. If you would prefer different coping you can choose from our large selection, you just pay the difference. You will need to purchase additional copings to go around any curve or step sections. Note: coping stones will need to be cut and mitred with a diamond disc cutter to fit your pool. Please see our 'Coping Stones & Pavers' section.

Filtration Packs

Our pool kits include a high quality filtration pack including a high rate sand filter with multiport selector valve, pressure gauge and special graded filter sand media, plus a self-priming swimming pool pump with pre-strainer and leaf basket. This means that it can be safely installed at deck level above the waterline.

High rate sand filter specifications and prices:

Prices include delivery

Pool size Size of high rate sand filter required  Usual prices
High rate sand filter including multiport valve & pressure gauge High rate glass filter media only High rate sand filter  including multiport valve, pressure gauge & filter sand media
20ft x 10ft (6.10m x 3.05m) 18" £249.00 £50.00 (2)  £299.00
24ft x 12ft (7.32m x 3.66m) 18" £249.00 £50.00 (2)  £299.00
28ft x 14ft (8.53m x 4.27m) 18"  £249.00 £50.00 (2)  £299.00
30ft x 15ft (9.14m x 4.57m) 18"  £249.00 £50.00 (2)  £299.00
32ft x 16ft (9.75m x 4.88m) 21"  £319.00 £100.00 (4)  £419.00
36ft x 18ft (10.97m x 5.49m) 21"  £319.00 £100.00 (4)  £419.00
40ft x 20ft (12.19m x 6.10m) 24" £369.00 £150.00 (6)  £519.00

Self-priming pump specifications:

Pool size Horse-power required for self-priming pump Usual price
20ft x 10ft (6.10m x 3.05m) ½ HP £329.00
24ft x 12ft (7.32m x 3.66m) ½ HP £329.00
28ft x 14ft (8.53m x 4.27m) ¾ HP £339.00
30ft x 15ft (9.14m x 4.57m) ¾ HP £339.00
32ft x 16ft (9.75m x 4.88m) 1 HP £359.00
36ft x 18ft (10.97m x 5.49m) 1½ HP £399.00
40ft x 20ft (12.19m x 6.10m) 1½ HP £399.00

With our luxury kits you can upgrade your pump and filter at very little cost if you wish. You only really need to consider upgrading to a bigger pump for the following reasons: 1. Your pool pipe runs are unusually high or long. 2. A greater lift is required (e.g. for solar heating on a roof). 3. A heavier bathing load is expected than in normal domestic pools.   Note: Some automatic cleaners may also require pumps with a minimum flowrate, please call for advice. Choosing a more powerful pump and larger filter will not usually do any harm, it will simply cost more to run. If you do choose a higher horse-power pump, it is important to upgrade to a larger filter to cope with the extra water flow rate & pressure. Please call or email us for more infomation or advice.

Please note that pool pumps are water lubricated, therefore you should never run them without water in the strainer pot. Pumps must also be fitted by qualified electrician - please do not attempt to fit one yourself.  In the winter you should drain your filtration to prevent frost damage as this type of damage is not warranted

Maintenance Packs

Our maintenance packs include equipment to help keep your new swimming pool clean,& tidy.

Maintenance packs - typical contents include:

Item Usual price / each
Vacuum head £25.00
Telescopic pole £39.00
Net £12.00
Brush £16.00
Hosetail £3.00
Thermometer £8.00

Plus vacuum hose:

Pool size 20ft x 10ft (6.10m x 3.05m) 24ft x 12ft (7.32m x 3.66m) 28ft x 14ft (8.53m x 4.27m) 30ft x 15ft (9.14m x 4.57m) 32ft x 16ft (9.75m x 4.88m) 36ft x 18ft (10.97m x 5.49m) 40ft x 20ft (12.19m x 6.10m)
Hose size required 8m 12m 12m 12m 12m 12m 15m
Usual price £35.00 £45.00 £45.00 £45.00 £45.00 £45.00 £55.00

Complete pack including all maintenance items above:

Pool size 20ft x 10ft (6.10m x 3.05m) 24ft x 12ft (7.32m x 3.66m) 28ft x 14ft (8.53m x 4.27m) 30ft x 15ft (9.14m x 4.57m) 32ft x 16ft (9.75m x 4.88m) 36ft x 18ft (10.97m x 5.49m) 40ft x 20ft (12.19m x 6.10m)
You pay only £138.00 £149.00 £149.00 £149.00 £149.00 £149.00 £159.00

For your information

Delivery to most UK mainland destinations included for orders over £100.

All sales are subject to our standard terms and conditions. Dimensions and technical details are approximate. Prices and specifications may vary without notice. Pack contents, installation details and equipment will vary with pool type, and may differ from examples in some leaflets, brochures & manuals. We supply more pipe and fittings than in comparable kits, but we cannot guarantee that this will be sufficient in every situation. It is possible that you may need to order small amounts of extra pipe, elbows, etc. as work progresses: in which case we will be glad to deduct 10% from our normal discount prices for these items. For safety & convenience we must advise that gas and electrical equipment etc. is fitted by qualified trades people in accordance with the appropriate regulations.

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