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Our low energy LED Pool Lights will help to create a beautiful ambience in your pool at night. We offer lights suitable for in-ground pools, above ground pools, as well as outdoor lighting.

Light Emitting Diodes - more commonly known as LEDs - are extremely low cost to run, and are environmentally friendly to boot. For example:

A commercial pool using 10 x standard 300W bulbs (3kW): with an electricity cost of around 10p per kW/hr to run, will cost around 30p per hour. Swapping 10 x standard 300W light bulbs for 10 x 14W LED lights (0.14kW): with an electricity cost of around 10p per kW/hr to run, it will cost around 1.5p per hour to run. This is a saving of 28.5p per hour, and up to £1,248 per year (based on lighting your pool every day for 12 hours per day).

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