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PoolLock Safety Covers are excellent quality and reasonably priced. AG Budget has worked along side Poollock for many years and they provide efficient and reliable installation and servicing of the covers. They now have a manufacturing facility near Gatwick to serve the UK market. The covers act as a safety, winter and summer cover in one. They keep out dirt and debris, reducing pool cleaning and maintenance. They reduce chemical usage due to the lower evaporation rate when the cover is on the pool. Heating costs are also reduced (up to a 70% saving) because the biggest heat loss occurs through evaporation.

The hydraulic covers are efficient and reliable, the 2 hydraulic motors quickly move the cover on and off the pool at the simple turn of the key in the key switch. The reel mechanism can be positioned above the ground or hidden below the ground in a pit, and there are different track options to choose from to suit your specific requirements. Hydraulic hose runs from the reel mechanism to the motor so there are no electrical installations or connections near the pool. The system locks for added safety - once the key has been removed from the key switch, the cover can not be opened or closed. There are a choice of options for pit lids and benches to cover the reel mechanism.

We also offer a manual tracked version which can only be installed with the tracks and reel mechanism on top of the pool surround. It comes with a simple and efficient built-in crank operated winder to open the cover and ropes to pull it closed.

Whilst our range of pool safety equipment can help to safeguard children and pets around the pool, it is no substitute for responsible supervision. Children must still be supervised at ALL TIMES. It takes just 2 seconds and 2 inches of water for a child to drown.

Covers are tailor made to fit your pool - to your exact custom specifications. Please call us on 0208 941 6618 or email us for more infomation, to discuss your requirements, and for a competitive quote


tracked hydraulic safety covers


  Automatic Hydraulic Powered

Tracks run under copings or on top of the

pool surround. Reel mechanism can be 

located in a pit (with top track or under coping track)

or on top of the pool surround (with top track only).

deck track step bay




Tracks run on top of the pool surround.

Wound with manual crank.

*All prices are inclusive of VAT

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