Walu Starlight Manual Safety Cover

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French-made Walu safety covers are safety, winter, and summer covers in one. The exclusive patented system allows individual composite panels to be replaced should they become damaged, without compromising safety (for all other systems the whole cover needs to be replaced). Covers are extremely easy to install and operate.

The Walu Starlight Safety Cover for in-ground pools is an enhanced and refined version of the popular Evolution model, made from the same reinforced fabrics. The half-round anodised aluminium support poles are inversed with flat end pieces which sit beneath the cover, giving a more aesthetically pleasing look, and making the cover easier to handle (winding and unwinding are much smoother operations). The flattened profile of the support poles allows for a closer and flatter fit to the coping stones. The quick fastening system allows for quick release without having to thread the straps in and out. 

The Walu Starlight safety cover is designed for use on rectangular pools only (with or without steps and ladders) up to a maximum pool size of 11m x 5.5m  (approx. 36ft x 18ft).  The inversed support bars sit neatly between the coping stones (coping to coping measurements must be given when ordering). Covers are made 0.4m (approx 16in) larger than the pool size in length and width.

The cover works via a crank handle manual rolling system. Covers are supplied with a crank handle and can be operated from either side. Extra cranks are available for a two person operation. For pool sizes over 50m2  the cover will require two person operation and two crank handles will be supplied with the cover price.

Whilst our range of pool safety equipment can help to safeguard children and pets around the pool, it is no substitute for responsible supervision. Children must still be supervised at ALL TIMES. It takes just 2 seconds and 2 inches of water for a child to drown.

We will manufacture your cover to suit your pool exactly, up to a maximum pool size of 11m x 5.5m (approx. 36ft x 18ft) - Please call us on 0208 941 6618 or email us for more infomation, to discuss your requirements, and for a competitive quote

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