PPG Inverter+ Heat Pump

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The Inverter+ Heat Pump allows for a swimming pool environment up to 10 times quieter than with other heat pumps, whilst maintaining your desired pool temperature. It features a super quiet Mitsubishi inverter compressor and full-inverter ventilation system and is suitable for use from -7oC. It intelligently adjusts the heating capacity depending on pool demand and outside temperature to efficiently maintain your pool temperature. For every 1kW of energy used in running the system, you get 16kW of heat back. The Inverter+ has a simple design with aluminium alloy casing with hidden screws, and is anti-rusting.

Units are ideal for small domestic pools during the 'summer season' from April to September, when the outside air temperature is generally higher. Pumps should ideally be installed outdoors and, as with any heat pump, you should always allow for adequate air flow to the unit. 

Models available:

Power / kW

13.5 17.5 22 28

Advised pool volume / m3

30 - 60 40 - 75 50 - 95 65 - 120

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*All prices are inclusive of VAT

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