Electric Heaters

Electric Heaters

Pool Heating at Incredible Prices

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Electric Heaters are best suited to small pools and spas, and can provide year-round heating regardless of the weather. Simple and effective, our electric heaters are low cost to buy and easy to install.

Electric heaters feature a heating element which, once an electrical current is applied to it, heats the pool water as it flows over it. The heated water flows into the pool, and the system continues to heat the water until the desired temperature is reached.

Important notes:

It is important to avoid air getting trapped inside an electric heater. They should be installed low down, with water flowing out in an upwards direction, and should be installed after filtration and before any chemical feeder, from which it should be separated by a non-return valve. Electric heaters must be fitted by a qualified electrician in accordance with the current regulations. You are advised to check that your supply can support your preferred size before ordering.


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