Gas Heaters

Gas Heaters

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Gas heating is one of the best choices for most people. Although more expensive initially than electric heaters, natural gas boilers are more economical to run, provide rapid economic warm-up at any time, and are not restricted to off peak fuel charges, etc. When comparing prices of gas and electric heating, bear in mind that the smallest gas heater is still bigger than the largest electric heater that can be connected to an ordinary single phase domestic cable. A 55,000btu gas heater supplies about the same heat as a 15kW electric heater, but most electricity supplies will only support 9 or 12kW electric heaters.

Most gas heaters are weatherproof (with little necessity for protection from the elements) and are simplest to site outdoors. For outdoor pools, we advise about 10btu per gallon of pool water and 20btu per gallon for long term economy and satisfaction. Outdoor heaters are completely self-contained. Indoor versions are available for exactly the same price, but require stainless steel fluesNatural gas is the cheapest to run - propane gas is optional (at the same price) for portability and simplicity.

All gas heaters are for pool water only, except the Certikin condensing heater, which can also supply domestic hot water and radiators.

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