Fibreglass / Pre-Formed Pools
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Pre-Formed Pools

Pre-Formed Pools at Incredible Prices

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Our pre-formed pools are superb value, especially if you want a fancy curved shape that is difficult to create any other way. It is not quite as simple as digging a hole one day, and dropping a pool in the next. There is a bit more effort involved to do it properly, but it's definitely worth it. The excavation work for a glass-fibre swimming pool is quite straightforward. The floor must be leveled quite carefully however & finished with a hard stable surface layer to properly support the weight of the shell.

Niveko Monopools

Made from 100% highest quality Polystone. Polystone is a compound made up largely of polyurethane resin mixed with powdered stone additives that give it added weight, strength, and a 'stone-like' feel. Polystone is extremely wear resistant and has high impact strength. Niveko Polystone pools are manufactured by the welding of homogenous Polystone plates. These plates contain protective elements against the negative effects of UV radiation and pool chemicals. The plates are completely homogenous throughout their cross section meaning that osmosis is not possible. Colour is distributed throughout the whole plate evenly and not just as a top coat or multi-layered colour.

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