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No alarm system, however good, can be relied upon as a total substitute for vigilant adult supervision. We strongly advise you never to leave children alone with access to your pool.

The following systems can provide a high degree of much needed help and reassurance however.

Prima Protect Perimetric Alarm System


Exclusive to A G Budget

swimming pool safety
swimming pool safety

Can be adapted to all shapes of swimming pools. Composed of a master pole, complete with 4 infrared cells and an integrated siren and LEDs. Plus 3 slave poles equipped with 4 infrared cells each.

Complete Protection Kit also includes a magnetic key for manually arming or disarming the alarm system.

Primaprotect complies with the french norm safety standards NF P 90-307/A1

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"Safety Turtle" Alarm Systems

For improved peace of mind near swimming pools, lakes, ponds and boats. Our safety turtle swimming pool alarm system sounds an alarm the instant your child falls into the water. Simply lock the turtle wristband around your child's wrist. if he or she falls into the swimming pool a load alarm will sound at the portable base station, which would normally be placed inside the house within 45 metres of the swimming pool or body of water.

The Safety Turtle personal immersion alarm is an effective “last line of defence” to protect your child against water accidents. An alarm sounds at the base station the instant he or she falls or ventures into the water.

One Base Station supports any number of Turtle wristbands.

safety alarm base station

Wristband only £129 - Base Station only £289


Complete Safety Turtle swimming pool safety alarm package

Base station plus two wristbands including UK VAT and mainland delivery £299


Immerstar Pool Alarm

swimming pool safety


Peace of mind for only £399 including UK VAT and mainland delivery


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