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Pool Enclosures

Pool Enclosures at Incredible Prices

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Pool Enclosures have many benefits. A barrier against wind and rain, owning a pool enclosure will allow you to use your outdoor pool even when the weather is not ideal. The clear structures act like a greenhouse to help warm up the air inside, as well as the pool water - reducing energy costs and extending your pool season. Some enclosures are retractable, so you can keep them closed in colder, wetter weather, and open them up on dry and sunny days.

A pool enclosure will also prevent animals, insects, leaves, and other debris from entering the pool. Not only does this make for a more pleasant swimming environment, but it also means the amount of time you need to spend cleaning the pool is reduced, as are your chemical useage and costs. Enclosures can also protect against harmful Ultra Violet radiation (UV), protecting your skin against damage, as well as limiting algae growth in the pool.

Some enclosures can also act as a safety cover, adding extra protection for your children and pets.

  • Convert your pool into an 'indoor' pool
  • Free solar heat raises temperature of air inside dome & pool water
  • Protect your pool from the elements, debris, insects & animals
  • Dramatically extend your pool season
  • Reduce your energy bill & chemical bill
  • Reduce pool cleaning time
  • Reduce algae and plant growth
  • Reduce your pool's carbon footprint
  • Reduce evaporation

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