Metal Framed Pools
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Metal Framed Pools

High Quality Metal Framed Pool Kits & Equipment at Incredible Prices

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Metal Framed Pools are a cost-effective alternative to more traditional in ground pools. These pools have metal or resin frames and a vinyl liner, and most have galvanised components for extra durability. As well as being placed above the ground, some pools can be placed partially or fully in ground, and they can be finished off with decking. We offer a complete swimming pool kit option including filter, pump, plumbing and ladder, or a pool-only option.

These pool kits come with DIY instructions and can be installed above ground or sunk partly or almost completely in the ground. You can also terrace them into a sloping garden for a level deck view on the uphill side. It is simply not necessary to pay large sums of money for a professionally installed in-ground swimming pool. You can save cash and still have exactly what you want from a swimming pool with one of these fantastic above ground pools. By careful installation, it may even be possible to take the swimming pool with you if you move house!

Please note: Above ground pools MUST be installed on firm level ground. Always dig down to level and never build up with soil or sand. All depths quoted refer to approx. maximum pool wall height - actual water depth will be a few inches lower.

For information and advice on sinking your metal framed pool, please click HERE.

For information and advice on making your swimming pool blend into your garden, please click HERE.

DUE TO THE CURRENT SITUATION, PLEASE CALL BEFORE PLACING ANY ABOVE GROUND POOL ORDERS.  Placing an order does not guarantee delivery. Thank you. 0208 941 6618

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