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Gardipool is created in Belgium by Gardival, a well-respected timber company. The Gardipool pool structure is constructed using a unique, patented system of dovetail joints. This luxurious pool can be fully surface standing, fully sunken in the ground, or anything in between.

Gardipool Octoo pools provide aesthetics and functionality combining to produce the best quality wooden pools. These octagonal and stretched octagonal pools have a self-supporting structure comprising of metal supports fixed into a reinforced concrete base. The Octoo pool can be installed above ground, partially in ground, or fully in ground.

The standard Octoo kit includes:

  • Wooden frame (45mm) in treated, grade 4 pinewood
  • All structure hardware fittings in stainless steel
  • Wooden coping in exotic hardwood
  • Anti-bacterial felt
  • 0.75 light blue liner
  • Wooden external stairs in treated red pinewood
  • Stainless steel internal stairs
  • Sand filter c/w 6 way valve including all accessories
  • Pump
  • 2 wide angle skimmers and 2 inlets
  • Pool maintenance kit
  • Start up water treatment kit
  • Galvanised metal supports
  • Corresponding wooden finishing profiles for the metal supports

We also supply other sizes not listed here. You may be interested in swimming pools with a greater depth for example.  Please call us on 0208 941 6618 or email us for a delivery cost to your area. Delivery is usually 2-3 weeks.

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*All prices are inclusive of VAT

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