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Flocculants and Clarifiers can be used with chlorine and bromine treated pools to help remove cloudiness in the water. The cloudy water is caused by fine suspended particles that the pool filter is having difficulty removing. These swimming pool flocculants are substances which improve the efficiency of your pool filter by releasing a coagulant that helps to filter finer particles that pass through the filter.

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Types of Products

Granular Floc (Aluminium Sulphate/Alum) - This is sprinkled over the surface and the water recirculated [not filtered] for 12 hours. The pump is switched off and the floc is allowed to settle taking with it the particles. It is then vacuumed to waste.

Floc Tablets - These are placed in the skimmer basket where they make the fine particles clump together so they are removed by the filter.

Jolly Jel - A new 'jelly-like' cube that when placed in the pump basket, removes cloudiness. Highly recommended.

Liquid Clarifiers - These are polymer-based liquids that cause fine particles to clump together so that they can removed by the filter.

Chemical Concentration

You should always use the correct quantities of chemicals for your pool size. To work out the water capacity of your pool (in gallons), you can use the following formulas:

Imperial (gallons):

For square or rectangular pools - length (ft) x width (ft) x average depth (ft) x 6.25 = volume (gallons)
For circular pools - 3.1428 x radius2 (ft) x average depth (ft) x 6.25 = volume (gallons)

Metric (m3):

For square or rectangular pools - length (m) x width (m) x average depth (m) = volume (m3)
For circular pools - 3.1428 x radius2 (m) x average depth (m) = volume (m3)

Pool pH

All pools should have a pH between 7.2 and 7.6. A low pH is acidic and corrosive, and will damage pool parts and sting bather's eyes. A high pH is alkaline and stops any chlorine present working as well as being scale forming.

Test the pH of your pool using Phenol Red in a test kit. If your pool pH is not within the required limits (either too high or too low), you can add a pH minus or a pH plus to bring levels within the required limits.

pH minus - A pH above 7.6 ('high') is lowered by adding pH minus (sodium bisulphate or pool acid)
pH plus - A pH below 7.2 ('low') is raised by adding pH plus (sodium carbonate or pool alkali)
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