Ionic Purifiers

Ionic Purifiers

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Ionic Purifiers sanitise your swimming pool water by releasing copper, silver, and other hard-metal ions into the water, which kill bacteria exposed to them. They are fairly inexpensive and it can reduce the need to add additional chemicals such as copper-containing algaecides to the swimming pool. However, ionic purifiers do not work as effectively on their own, so an additional sanitisation method is needed to maintain a clean swimming pool. Ionisers are ideal for reducing skin and eye irritation since chlorine and other chemical usage is greatly reduced.

Please Note: Ionisers should not be used in brominated or Baquacil / PHMB treated swimming pools. When using an ionic purifier, it is very important to maintain the pH of the pool to prevent copper staining from occurring. If you have very blonde hair and swim frequently, these systems might not be ideal due to the copper ions which can turn hair green.

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