Puronizer Ionic Purifer

The Puronizer Ionic Purifier purifies swimming pool water by harmlessly charging metal ions (copper and silver) in the water. As the pool water passes through the unit, bacteria and algae are killed by the metal ions. The system is perfect for allergy-sufferers or those sensitive to chlorine since the need for chlorine is reduced by up to 60%, as is the need for other chemicals such as algaecides and clarifiers. The reduction in chemical use also makes the Puronizer a much greener and cost effective way to sanitise your pool.

The system is virtually maintenance-free and is completely silent in operation. It is suitable for indoor and outdoor domestic pools up to 45oC, and is ideal for holiday homes or pools which are used infrequently. Three sizes are available, depending on your pool size. A free test kit is included.

Please note: do not use in brominated or Baquacil / PHMB treated swimming pools.

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