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Ozone has been used for over a century as a natural and safe way to produce cleaner and healthier water. Ozone is a highly unstable molecule, formed when three oxygen atoms bond together instead of the usual two. When it comes into contact with viruses, bacteria and algae it rapidly oxidises them, preventing them from reproducing and making them harmless. It also safely breaks down harmful chemicals, with no harmful by-products.

Although ozone is highly effective, it must be used with low levels of either chlorine or bromine to maintain a safe swimming environment. Using ozone in combination with chlorine or bromine is highly advantageous as ozone oxidises combined chlorine and bromine, allowing them to be reused over and over again - saving you money on your chemical bill. Due to the reduced levels of chlorine or bromine required, ozone can help eliminate skin and eye irritation and reduce strong pool odours. Please note, these ozone systems must not be used with PHMB.

Prozone Systems use Ultra Violet (UV) light to produce ozone molecules. These simple but extremely effective ozone systems attach to your pool circulation system and inject ozone into the return, instantly purifying the pool water. 

PZ2-4V Systems

The PZ2-4V is a compressor system for pools, in-ground spas and commercial water purification systems. It generates increased levels of ozone by pressurising the lamp cartridges, and the turbulence created by the compressed airstream allows for superior ozone mass transfer into the pool water. The PZ2-4V system is suitable for pools up to 83,500 gallons in volume (380mor 13,420ft3).

PZ7-1 & PZ7-2 Systems - Venturi System for Residential In-Ground Pools

The PZ7 series features a unique 'Bypass Venturi' configuration for fast installation on the return line of the pool, and allows for maximum combining of ozone with the pool water, purifying it before it reaches the pool. The PZ7-1 is suitable for pools up to 25,000 gallons in volume (113m3 or 3991ft3), and the PZ7-2 is suitable for pools up to 33,000 gallons in volume (150m3 or 5297ft3).

A degassing column is available as an optional extra for all Prozone models. This system removes excess air after the pool water has been ozonated, preventing bubbles from entering the pool - recommended for indoor pools. Please call or email us for more information and a competitive quote.

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