Salt Chlorinators

Salt Chlorinators

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Salt chlorinators provide outstanding water quality and offers swimming pool owners a fantastic range of benefits. Not only can this automatic system provide beautifully clear waters and a sparkling natural look, but it also provides an excellent level of comfort while swimming.

For use in salt water pools, salt water chlorination works by generating chlorine-based sanitising agents (hypochlorous acid and sodium hypochlorite) from dissolved salt via electrolysis. A salt water pool is therefore not chlorine-free, since chlorine is produced in the pool rather than directly added.

Having a salt chlorinator in your swimming pool means that you won’t have to manually add chlorine to your swimming pool, and the process produces almost neutral pH levels so you won’t need to add many additional chemicals. A salt cell will only need to be replaced every few years which makes these chlorinators very convenient. 

Here are some of the benefits of salt water chlorination:

Improved Comfort – Salt chlorinators provides silky soft water that makes your swimming pool feel even more luxurious. Due to the more natural approach to pool chlorination, it can also help remove the harsh chlorine odour. In addition to this, salt water chlorination helps to prevent the build-up of chloramines which can cause eye and skin irritations.

Better Convenience – With a salt chlorinator, you can leave the stress of constant maintenance and adjustments behind. These systems are automatic so there is no need to add chlorine yourself.

Cost-EffectiveSalt water chlorination generates a fresh supply of chlorine which is then consistently circulated throughout your swimming pool. As a result, the costs of chlorine will be significantly reduced over time.

Please note: You should check the compatibility of heating equipment before installation. We advise that all metal parts in contact with the water share a common earth to avoid tarnishing.


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