Autopilot Salt Chlorinator

The Autopilot Salt Chlorinator is a technically advanced digital chlorine generator unit. It automatically produces chlorine from slightly salted pool water which is released into the pool where it neutralises micro-organisms, sanitising the pool water. It functions at salt levels as low as 2,000ppm (the lowest minimum level of any salt chlorinator currently available) and up to 35,000ppm, and is suitable for use in water up to 40oC. It provides excellent water quality even when you are away, thanks to its intelligent, programmable design.

This reliable and user-friendly system has superb microprocessor controls and features a fluorescent digital screen which displays the temperature, flow, diagnostics, and current salt level, and it even calculates how much salt needs to be added to prevent overdosing. The patented bypass manifold controls the flow rate delivered to the cell for optimum chlorine production. The system also has a patented temperature compensation feature which adjusts chlorine production in response to the temperature of the water, and freeze protection to protect the system during the winter. You can control the pool pump output via the built-in timer.     

Please note: you should check compatibility of heating equipment before installation. We advise that all metal parts in contact with the water share a common earth to avoid tarnishing.

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