Zodiac Tri Salt Chlorinator

The Zodiac Tri Expert Salt Chlorinator is a top of the range system that produces chlorine from slightly salted pool water. Chlorine is automatically produced by the cell and released into the pool water where it neutralises micro-organisms, sanitising the pool water. The Zodiac Tri Expert provides excellent water quality even when you are away, thanks to its intelligent, programmable design.

The chlorine level is simple to monitor via user-friendly settings on the large back-lit LCD display. 'Low Mode' can be employed to reduce chlorine production manually or automatically for covered pools, and 'Boost Mode' increases chlorine levels in anticipation of intensive bathing periods or stormy weather conditions, etc. A built-in timer allows filtration times and chlorine production to be programmed as needed.    

The control system features a menu that provides a series of solutions if something should happen to go wrong, allowing you to fix many issues without having to refer back to the manual. An attachable pH controller is available as an optional extra, which automatically maintains the desired pH (acid only). This can be retro-fitted at a later date if desired.

Please note: you should check compatibility of heating equipment before installation. We advise that all metal parts in contact with the water share a common earth to avoid tarnishing.

Please call us on 0208 941 6618 or email us for more information or technical advice.

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