Badu Counter Current Units
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Badu is a leading brand in pump technologies and they supply an incredible range of high-quality products for domestic and commercial swimming pools. Their Badu SwimJet is a unique and self-contained water propulsion system that supplies a constant jet stream of water to a swimming pool. This system can be installed and mounted to any type of pool, whether it’s a new or existing pool. A Badu SwimJet can provide a wide array of additional functionalities for your pool, such as an endless jet stream that provides resistance for training and even relaxation settings for massages or bubbles.

The swim jets from Badu have a modern design that can fit into a variety of pool aesthetics and some of the models even have LED lights to transform your pool at night. Their system draws water to the jet pump at a low velocity through a large number of openings all around the nozzle housing and it is then pumped back into the pool in a powerful jet stream.

Take a look at our range of Badu swimming pool jets below. For more information and technical advice, you can call us on 0208 941 6618 or you can send us an email.


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