Meaco Compressor Dehumidifiers


Meaco is one of the leading brands in the international dehumidifier industry selling to 20+ countries throughout Europe and South Africa. Meaco’s award-winning range of Compressor-type Dehumidifiers is incredibly effective at removing large volumes of water vapour from the air, whilst ensuring that your energy consumption is kept to a minimal. The 12-litre low energy dehumidifier from Meaco is the quietest compressor dehumidifier in their range and when paired with the excellent energy efficiency, it’s most effective and practical for home use.

Functioning much like a refrigerator, these dehumidifiers collect the air from inside the pool hall which is then passed over the cooled coils to condense the water vapour. The vapour is then collected in a large tank which can be emptied when at full capacity. (For a permanent solution, units can be plumbed in).

Take a look at our range of compressor-type dehumidifiers from Meaco below.

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