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Meaco are leading manufacturers of exceptional-quality dehumidifiers that provide excellent value for money. The Meaco dehumidifiers are superb, low energy units that are capable of removing up to 25 litres of water from the air per day*. This dehumidifier unit is ideal for preventing mould and damp in domestic pool halls and homes alike. 

We offer two types of dehumidifiers from Meaco. We stock the compressor-type dehumidifiers and the desiccant-type dehumidifiers:

Meaco Compressor Dehumidifiers are very effective systems that function very much like a refrigerator. These compressor dehumidifiers collect the air from inside the pool hall and pass over the cooled coils to condense the vapour. The vapour is then collected in a tank which is then emptied when full (units can also be plumbed in if a permanent solution is required).

Meaco Desiccant Dehumidifiers utilise a desiccant to absorb water vapour from the air. An integrated fan draws in air and passes it through the desiccant. Ideal for colder spaces below 10°C which could benefit from some warmth. A lighter and quieter solution.

*Meaco 25L Dehumidryer. The volume of water removed from the air per day depends on the particular model.

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