MeacoWall Ultra Quiet Wall Dehumidifier

Introducing Meaco’s brand new range of high capacity wall-mounted dehumidifiers! These ultra-quiet dehumidifiers feature a contemporary and modern styling with advanced dehumidification designs. This pool dehumidifier incorporates a DC fan motor which helps to reduce your running costs and it also helps to keep the noise levels to a minimum.

These energy efficient heat pump compressor dehumidifiers deliver all of the energy used in the drying process back to the space, therefore, delivering dry and warm air to your facility whilst ensuring that energy costs are kept low. The MeacoWall dehumidifiers come in a white casing with either a white or black glass front panel that incorporates the light touch LED controls. Installation is flexible as well with the option of continuous drainage from either the right or left-hand side of the dehumidifier. At a depth of just 202mm deep, these humidifiers won’t protrude far into the room and all air is filtered when it enters the dehumidifier. The control system allows you to select either continuous airflow for more accurate humidity control or you can disable the fan when the desired relative humidity has been reached. 

For swimming pool applications, the refrigeration coils are specially coated to ensure a long service life. The installation process is very straight forward, simply fix the enclosed wall mounting bracket to the wall and then hand the dehumidifier on the bracket. Water can be drained from either the back left or the back right via a 16mm diameter hose.

Please state which colour you would prefer when ordering. The MeacoWall Ultra Quiet dehumidifiers have a white casing with either a white or black glass front panel.

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