Vent-Axia HR300 Through-the-Wall Unit

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The Vent-Axia HR300 Heat Recovery Unit  (formerly the Indux E300) is an ideal solution for controlling moisture, mould, and odours in the pool environment whilst recovering up to 70% of the heat from the stale pool air. This low maintenance, self-contained through-the-wall unit is suitable for continuous operation in domestic and small commercial pool halls.

The HR300 is an 'intelligent', high performance, and energy efficient system that simultaneously extracts air from inside and supplies fresh air from outside. Both air streams are passed through a specially designed plastic heat exchanger which extracts heat from the stale air from the pool hall, and pre-warms the fresh air supply. This heat exchanger retrieves heat that would otherwise be lost, whilst consuming no power at all itself. For operation during the summer, the heat exchanger can be removed and replaced with a plastic divider board to provide positive cooling to the pool room.

The HR300 features an integral shutter. The unit is fully controllable for speed (via a speed controller), and has an automatic on/off switch. If required, a humidistat can be used with the unit to automatically control the environment. A 1.5 Amp electronic controller is also available as an optional extra - please see the options below. 

Please note: the HR300 unit requires a 380mm x 280mm (15in x 11in) hole and units should be level and square in the wall. It should be fitted so that it overhangs by minimum of 50mm (2in) on the inside, and a minimum of 70mm (2.75in) on the outside. An extension sleeve is available for walls up to 650mm (25.5in) thick.

Optional Extras:

Vent-Axia Ecotronic Humidity Sensor

For a ventilation system to be truly efficient, it is important for it to operate only when needed. Installing a humidistat with your unit will allow you to directly control the humidity of the pool hall and provide airflow only when required. You set the humidity level and the humidity sensor will efficiently maintain the level required.

  • Adjustable set point and solid state on/off sensor
  • Setting range 65% to 90% RH
  • Pullcord for manual override (indicated by a lamp)
  • Can be wired into controller 'auto' mode connections
  • Incorporates changeover switch to select high/low speed
  • Ambient operating temperature range from 0°C to +40°C
  • Measures 87mm (height) x 87mm (width) x 33mm (depth)
  • Maximum switching load 1 amp inductive
  • Supply voltage 220-240V/1/50Hz
  • BEAB approved

Vent-Axia 1.5 Amp Electronic Controller

  • Surface mounting
  • Provides infinitely variable speed control
  • Features on/off/sensor slider with neon indicator
  • Features an adjustable minimum speed setting
  • Controller is radio suppressed to BS EN 55014
  • Electrical connections for use with suitable external sensors provided
  • 86mm (height) x 156 (width) x 53mm (depth) 
  • For flush fitting, a metal wall box accessory is available - hole for wall box: 80mm (height) x 150mm (width) x 150mm (depth)

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*All prices are inclusive of VAT

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