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Make the most out of your swimming pool with these beautiful mood-enhancing swimming pool lights! Any swimming pool installation can greatly benefit from using these LED lights, whether you have an in-ground pool or an above ground pool. We have a wide range of pool lighting to suit your requirements and your budget.

Our low energy LED Pool Lights will help to create a beautiful ambience in your pool at night. We offer lights that are suitable for in-ground pools, above ground pools, as well as outdoor lighting.

Our pool lighting uses Light Emitting Diodes or more commonly known as LEDs. These LED lights are extremely low cost to run and they are also environmentally friendly to boot. For example:

A commercial pool using 10 x standard 300W bulbs (3kW): with an electricity cost of around 10p per kW/hr to run, will cost around 30p per hour.

Swapping 10 x standard 300W light bulbs for 10 x 14W LED lights (0.14kW): with an electricity cost of around 10p per kW/hr to run, it will cost around 1.5p per hour to run. This is a saving of 28.5p per hour, and up to £1,248 per year (based on lighting your pool every day for 12 hours per day).

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