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Certikin PU6 Quick Change LED Lights are fantastic quality, high intensity underwater lights with a long life expectancy (minimum lamp life of 100,000 hours) and extremely low running costs. They use 80% less power than traditional underwater lights.

White and multicolour options are available. For multicoloured lights, a choice of fixed colour or automatic colour sequencing is available. The automatic colour sequencing feature has 12 modes (6 set colours and 6 sequences), and can be used to create different effects. PU6 lights can be controlled via a push button for each light, or a control panel (with optional remote control) which can synchronise up to 15 lights.

It is recommended that you install a light every 20m2 of water surface, and in particularly deep pools, one light is required per 25m3 of water volume.

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*All prices are inclusive of VAT

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