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The Monaco Reel is a British-made, superb quality luxury domestic reel system. Our best selling reel, there are three different models to choose from: the Monaco Standard, the Monaco Deluxe, and the Monaco Premier. You can choose a black or white steering wheel. Reels feature anodised aluminium tubes which have extra grooves for optimum strength. The clamping bar is extra long and round for added strength, and both clamping bar and tube are easily adjusted.

The Monaco is also available with a factory-fitted SmartGear - a unique 3 to 1 reduction gearbox which really does make light work of winding a cover off a pool. The SmartGear can also be retro-fitted to the Monaco Standard and Monaco Deluxe models at a later date, if required. Monaco reels can be floor or wall mounted.

The Monaco reels are available in two different sizes: small - for pools over 11ft (approx. 3.35m) and up to 16ft (approx. 4.88m) wide, and large - for pools over 16ft (approx. 4.88m) and up to 21ft (approx. 6.4m) wide.

Monaco Standard

  • Standard features
  • 3 spoke steering wheel in white or black

Monaco Deluxe

  • Standard features
  • Stylish marine standard deluxe steering wheel

Monaco Premier

  • Standard features
  • Stylish marine standard deluxe steering wheel
  • Factory-fitted SmartGear reduction gearbox

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