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The Plastica Slidelock Telescopic Reel is the original industry standard. It features polished stainless steel end stands, anodised aluminium telescopic tubes, plastic end bosses, and a steering wheel. It has unique and fast slide and lock strap fixation, and a locking device which holds the tube in place to prevent the cover from unwinding. The Slidelock reel is strong and durable, and very easy to install.

The maximum recommended cover area is 75m2 (approx. 807ft2). We offer a small reel for pool covers up to 4.3m (approx 14ft) wide, and a large reel for pool covers up to 6.1m (approx. 20ft) wide. Some flexing of the tube may occur with larger covers. Reels should be set up to have a maximum 0.3m (approx. 1ft) overlap each side. We offer a motorisation option, and a solar power option. 

Wall mounted and base plate models are available. Any fixed domestic end stand can have additional height added. 

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