Aquatronic Roller Systems

The new style Aquatronic Roller System comes with a control package designed to offer ease of use, reliability and value for money. It has an R60 80G 24V motor and plugs directly into the mains with no hard-wiring required. It also has a trickle charge battery fitted to allow continuous supply in event of power disruption. It features an easy to use LCD display and can be operated from the control panel or via radio remote key fob (remote key switch or push button option available). The Aquatronic roller system can be floor or wall (back or side) mounted.

The recommended maximum cover size is 112.5m2 (approx. 1,211ft2) with a length limit of 25m (approx. 82ft). There is the option to purchase a roller for covers up to 5m wide (approx. 16.4ft), and covers up to 7.5m wide (approx. 24.61ft). Made to measure cover connection piecea are included, PVC for indoor and mesh for outdoor.

  • Key switch
  • Push button
  • Additional fob
  • 7 core motor control cable / metre

For ease of use we recommend that the cover is fitted with an Aquablade leading edge towing kit, which can be supplied factory fitted or for DIY fit.


Aquablade leading edge towing system:

  • For effortless application of any cover
  • Made from tough, foam-filled netting
  • Will not fill with water and keeps the cover buoyant at all times

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