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Fantastic Quality Swimming Pool Covers at Incredible Prices

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We offer a range of swimming pool covers, including insulation covers, solar covers, debris covers, slatted covers, and safety covers. These can be tailor-made to fit any swimming pools. 

Why should I buy a pool cover?

Owning a pool cover can dramatically reduce your energy bill. In fact, covers can reduce energy losses by as much as 50-95%. At night, an uncovered pool may actually waste more energy than it gains during the day - even if you only use a pool cover overnight you could still save up to 40% on your annual heating bill. Since about 80% of heat loss is through evaporation, covering a pool with a cover will not only save you money but will also help extend your pool season and conserve water. Solar covers actually generate heat from the sun during the day to help heat up your pool water.

Pool covers also have many other benefits. By reducing the amount of water evaporation from your pool, you are also reducing the amount of chemicals that are evaporating, meaning you will reduce your chemical costs. Furthermore, pool covers prevent debris and rain from entering the pool which uses up chlorine: less debris means less chemical use, reduced cleaning time, and makes it much easier to maintain your pool. Covers can also help to keep out the sunlight which is particularly helpful if you are likely to leave a pool unused for some time since excluding sunlight will prevent algae and other plant life from growing in the pool water and turning it green. Our safety covers are also extremely effective at safeguarding your family against accidents. 

Here are a few benefits of having a swimming pool cover: 

  • Reduce your energy bill
  • Reduce your pool's carbon footprint
  • Reduce your chemical bill
  • Reduce pool cleaning time
  • Conserve water
  • Help heat your pool
  • Prevent algae and plant growth

Types of pool cover - a brief overview:

Solar Covers - Solar covers insulate your pool to reduce heat loss, and also allow sunlight through - which helps to warm the pool water. On a sunny day, you could see as much as an 8°C temperature rise. Our solar covers are available transparent or opaque and in different colours and styles. 

GeoBubble Solar Covers - Functioning similar to a solar cover, GeoBubble covers have a superior and patented design for exceptional performance and improve resistance to wear. GeoBubble covers are available transparent or opaque, and in different colours and styles. 

Insulation Covers - These covers insulate your heated pool and prevent unnecessary heat loss. Due to the huge energy saving nature of this insulation cover, it is particularly beneficial for large indoor pools where a lot of energy is required to heat and maintain the pool temperature. 

Debris Covers - These covers protect your pool from falling debris and animals. We offer different types of cover that can be used in both summer and winter. We also offer a debris cover that also excludes sunlight from your pool, preventing the growth of algae and other plant life that would otherwise turn your pool water green. 

Slatted Covers - These covers are made from PVC or Polycarbonate and is formed from a series of 'slats' which connect together and are wound onto an automated reel system. Useful for most kinds of pools, indoor, outdoor, rectangular or shaped, these slatted covers will insulate the pool water by preventing evaporation, reduce chemical loss, prevent debris, and block sunlight. 

Safety Covers - Safety covers are an excellent choice if you have children or animals and would like an extra level of protection against water accidents. Safety covers can hold a great deal of weight, so should anyone fall on to the safety cover they will remain safe.

Hard Top Spa Covers - These covers are specifically designed for outdoor use with heated spas. Hard top spa covers can insulate and protect your spa from the elements. 

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