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Winter protection is vital for any pool and a debris cover offers the perfect solution. A debris cover will keep leaves and other unwanted items out of the pool, shield the pool water and liner from damaging UV radiation from the sun (even in the winter), and protect against frost. All our debris covers are individually manufactured to fit any shape and any size of swimming pool. Made from specially formulated durable polypropylene, this tight mesh allows rainwater to pass through but keeps the pool water crystal clear. Although not sold as safety covers, our quality debris covers are anchored to the pool with secure fittings so may provide some protection (at your own risk).

The Budget Winter Cover is anchored using rubber tensioners and "P" anchors. These tensioners are connected to the cover by eyelets spaced at 4'-5' or 5'-6' intervals around the perimeter. Each eyelet point is protected by an anti-chafing strip. Covers can be manufactured to accommodate ladders into the pool as well as step sections outside the pool. Winter debris covers for pools with roman ends are normally covered by a square or rectangular apron, or shaped like a 50p piece. All covers are made with a 1ft (approx. 30cm) overlap all round the pool, therefore the cover for a pool size of 24'x 12' would be 26' x 14'

Closer spacings 3'-4'  can be supplied, however price may change accordingly.

We will manufacture your cover to suit your pool exactly, whatever its size or shape - Please call us on 0208 941 6618 or email us for more information.

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