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What is a GeoBubble Solar Cover?   Like a regular 'bubble' solar cover…but better!

GeoBubble technology was developed in collaboration with London Metropolitan University and the University of Brighton during over five years of scientific research. Its unique patented design and specially designed material make it far superior to a standard solar cover. Compared with a traditional solar cover, the 'bubbles' of a GeoBubble cover are larger and are arranged in twos with a structural waistline centre section between them. The material of the GeoBubble cover is also 50% thicker. These characteristics allow for increased resistance against Ultra Violet (UV) radiation and chemical attack, giving them a 25%+ longer lifespan* and improved heating and insulation properties. Highly effective and long-lasting, a GeoBubble solar cover will reduce your energy bill, prolong your pool season, and help to reduce the carbon footprint of your pool.  
*Providing water is kept within SPATA recommended guidelines.

How does GeoBubble Work?

The arrangement of the bubbles in twos joined by a thick waistline structure creates a larger footprint area that is more resistant to air expansion (air inside the bubbles expands when heated by the sun’s rays). This means that unlike traditional bubble covers, the bubbles are far less likely to stretch and burst when overheated. The larger surface area also improves the heating and insulation properties of the cover, since more warm air can be trapped on the pool surface.

Swimming pool covers are exposed to high levels of chemicals and UV radiation, which can be detrimental to their structure, and affect their lifespan. The unique bubble arrangement and increased thickness of the GeoBubble cover make it far more resistant to the harsh swimming pool environment than a regular bubble cover. The smooth shape and arrangement of the bubbles mean that there are fewer ‘thin’ points and ‘stress’ points on the pool cover surface - areas that are quickly degraded by UV and chemical attack. Fewer weak points also mean that GeoBubbles are stronger and more durable than standard bubble covers. In addition to its improved structure, the GeoBubble cover is also treated with an advanced stabilisation package, making it even more resistant to chemical and UV light.

Why Should I Choose a GeoBubble Cover?

  • Highly effective against chemical and UV attack
  • Stronger and more durable than a regular solar cover
  • Expected lifespan is 25%+ longer than a regular solar cover 
  • Excellent heating and insulation properties -  reduce your energy bill and your pool's carbon footprint
  • Unique surface area of the cover means it stays in place on the surface of your pool better
  • Developed in collaboration with two UK universities

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