PoolSaver Manual Safety Cover

The PoolSaver Manual Safety Cover offers three covers in one - safety, winter, and summer. The PoolSaver is a high quality, low cost safety cover which offers excellent protection against debris as well as protecting children and pets. Its tough construction ensures it will safely support up to 80kg (approx. 176lbs/12.5stones) of weight. The cover is made from UV-stabilised, reinforced PVC-coated polyester, extra reinforced underside reduces wear from copings. 

Easy to install, the cover is supplied with a manual winder crank handle (or two cranks for covers measuring 10m x 5m and over which require a two person operation) and can be rolled on or off in just a few minutes. An automated winding system is also available, please click HERE for more details.

The PoolSaver safety cover is suitable for rectangular pools and shaped pools, up to a maximum pool size of 12m x 6m (approx. 40 ft x 20 ft). Covers should overhang by 0.30cm all around the pool. Available in 5 colours with beige non-marking underside

Covers can be made for pools with side step areas or roman ends and differnt pool sizes up to 83m2

PLEASE NOTE:- Delivery costs apply to the Poolsaver Covers.  Please call us with your postcode  on 0208 941 6618 or email us for more information and we will be happy to give you the cost for  delivery.

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