Walu Eco Manual Safety Cover

French-made Walu Eco Safety Covers are 3 covers in one - winter, summer and a safety cover. The exclusive patented system allows individual composite panels to be replaced should they become damaged, without compromising safety (for all other systems the whole cover needs to be replaced). Covers are extremely easy to install and operate.

The new Walu Eco Manual Safety Cover for in-ground pools offers many of the advantages of the established Evolution and Starlight covers, but at a fraction of the cost. The Eco cover has a more simplistic design and lighter weight, but is made from equally tough fabrics, and still meets the same safety standards. 

The Eco cover can be manufactured to suit almost any shaped pool up to a maximum pool size of 10m x 5m  (approx. 33ft x 16ft).  It is perfect for a rectangular pool, if your pool is shaped the cover will also be rectangular but will have protective 'shoes' provided which will defend the cover against wear at the shaped points. Covers are made 0.4m (approx 16in) larger than the pool size in length and width. The covers can be made to incorporate ladder cut outs, step sections on the side or end of the pool at an extra cost.

Covers are supplied with a crank handle for manual operation. Extra cranks are available for a two person operation. For pool sizes over 50m2  the cover will require two person operation and two crank handles will be supplied with the cover price. The cover is also compatible with the Walu Cool or Power motorised winding mechanism.

We will manufacture your cover to suit your pool up to a maximum pool size of 10m x 5m (approx. 33ft x 16ft) - Please call us on 0208 941 6618 or email us for more information or to discuss your requirements.

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