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Swimming Pool Heating Options at Incredible Prices

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Unless you live in a particularly hot country, your pool water will be quite cold even during the summer months. Installing a swimming pool heater will make your pool much more pleasant and comfortable to use, and will allow you to get much more use out of it.

Please note that for your own protection, all pool heating systems must be installed by qualified tradesmen in accordance with the appropriate regulations. You are advised to check that your supply is big enough to support your preferred size of heater before ordering. Gas and electricity boards might sometimes be persuaded upgrade supplies at little or no cost so it is worth asking them for a quote.

Types of pool heating - a brief overview 

Electric Heaters - Best suited to small pools and spas and can be used all year round. They feature a heating element to heat the pool water. Simple and effective.

Gas Heaters - Although more expensive initially than electric heaters, they are more economical to run, provide rapid economic warm-up at any time, and are not restricted to off peak fuel charges. They work by burning natural gas or propane to produce heat. Simple and effective.

Oil Heaters - Although more expensive initially than electric pool heaters, they are more economical to run all year round. These self-contained units are a great choice, particularly if you already have facilities for oil on site, or if mains gas is unavailable or impractical. An ideal solution for larger pools.

Air Source Heat Pumps - These are a super efficient, economical and 'green' way to heat your swimming pool water. They work by taking 'free' heat out of the surrounding fresh air and using it to heat the water - much like an air conditioner in reverse, making the air around them cooler and feeding the heat extracted into the pool water. The only power required is that used to run a small compressor, enabling them to give out up to five times the energy consumed from your electricity supply.

Heat Exchangers - These allow your pool water to be heated using an existing central heating boiler. Definitely worth considering if your pool is located near your boiler.

Solar Heating - An environmentally friendly and economical way to heat your pool water. Solar heating utilises natural and free heat from the sun to warm your pool water, and work even in cloudy conditions.

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