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The Eco Heater+ Heat Pump range is a reliable, efficient, and affordable solution for heating smaller pools (including above ground pools) that comes in a compact and elegant design. These heat pumps feature a unique technology that increases overall performance - with an accurate and intelligent digital control system which allows you to maintain the desired pool temperature whilst saving electricity.

The Eco Heater+ range is durable and anti-rusting, with faster defrosting processing compared to other heat pumps. The heat exchanger is made from titanium, a stable and non-reactive material which is compatible with water treatment by salt electrolysis. The heat pumps feature an intelligent LED controller, silver welding, durable plastic casing, and a total insulated compressor and quiet operating ventilator.

Units are ideal for small domestic pools during the 'summer season' from April to September, when the outside air temperature is generally higher. Pumps should ideally be installed outdoors and, as with any heat pump, you should always allow for adequate air flow to the unit. 

Models available:

Power / kW

5 7   13 17 25 25 (3-phase)

Advised pool volume / m3

0 - 20 0 - 35   40 - 70 60 - 90 75 - 120 75 - 120


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