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The Certikin Genie Condensing Gas Boiler is manufactured in the UK by Certikin, and is one of the most efficient pool heaters available. The unit is manufactured from quality materials, inside and out, with a super quiet, state of the art stainless steel heat engine, and will provide years of trouble-free, efficient heating.

Gas-fired boilers work by burning gas to provide heat. Water vapour and carbon dioxide are produced as by-products and, in the case of non-condensing gas-fired boilers, these 'waste' gases are released to the outside. However, a condensing gas boiler recovers most of the heat that would otherwise be lost from these warm 'waste' gases. The gases travel through a heat exchanger where they are cooled and condensed, and the heat is recycled. As such, the Genie condensing gas boiler is up to 94% efficient, compared to around 70-80% for most other gas-fired boilers - saving you money on your energy bill, and better for the environment.

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