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The Certikin Oil Pool Heaters are the most comprehensive oil-fired pool heater on the market. Offering up to 85% efficiency, these economical units are also self-contained and suitable for use all year round. 

The Certikin oil heater is extremely adaptable and can also be used for central heating as well as for providing your swimming pool with heating. This oil pool heater is available in four different sizes to suit your requirements and pool size. We recommend a minimum of 10-20 BTU per gallon of water for long-term economy and satisfaction.​

  • 110,000 BTU (32kW, 4in flue)
  • 180,000 BTU (52kW, 5in flue)
  • 220,000 BTU (65kW, 5in flue)
  • 280,000 BTU (82kW, 6in flue)

Oil pool heaters are supplied to accept a single wall flue - if a twin flue is required, an adaptor will be required. A large choice of flue options is available to suit indoor or outdoor installations: choose from left, right, rear horizontal or vertical balanced flue kits.​

The Certikin oil heater features a state of the art control panel which clearly displays the pool temperature. Units are supplied pre-plumbed for ease of installation. Units are suitable for use with saltwater pools.

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*All prices are inclusive of VAT
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