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PoolSolar is an excellent, pollution-free, and cost effective way to heat your pool water through the summer months. It works by passing the filtered pool water through strips of PVC solar matting which is heated by the sun's rays.  The matting is pre-fitted to PVC manifolds that are connected to each other.  The manifolds must be plumbed directly to the filtration plant.  PoolSolar is easy to install on any surface, and can be placed on the ground or on a roof. For sloping roofs, optional support kits are available at low cost. For installations higher than about 4m, a vacuum breaker valve is required.  Available in 2 sizes, box A 4mand box B 5mfor easy installation.

Please note, the heating efficiency of PoolSolar is directly related to climatic conditions. Although it works even in cloudy conditions, we do suggest you invest in a back up heating option to give your pool a 'boost' as needed.

The amount of solar matting required depends on your pool size.  Under normal conditions you need to use only half the surface area of your pool as the collector surface i.e... a 30' x 15' pool is 450 sqft, therefore approximately 225sqft of PoolSolar matting is required.  Please call us on 0208 941 6618 or email us for more information or advice.

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