On-site Pool Lining System

On-site Pool Lining System

Exceptionally Strong Pool Liners at Incredible Prices

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What is on-site pool lining?

When it comes to negotiating tight corners, complicated shapes and unusual sizes, the on-site pool lining system offers the ultimate in flexibility. Guaranteed for 10 years and with a life expectancy of up to 20 years, the system can be implemented in any shape pool (no matter how irregular, with or without lined steps etc.) and whether your swimming pool is made from concrete, brick, block, cement render, steel, aluminium, timber, or fiberglass - on-site lining is the solution. On-site pool lining is, as the name suggests, measured and fitted on site, so you can be guaranteed of a perfect fit.

Our swimming pool liners are exceptionally strong as the polyester liner material is 1.5mm thick (compared to 0.5mm – 0.75mm with the standard swimming pool liners) and it incorporates an internal reinforced mesh.  This makes it particularly useful when renovating an old or leaking pool, since pool liners can completely seal any imperfections without having to make structural repairs to the pool. Whether you are using on-site pool lining in a new or old, residential or commercial situation, its exceptional strength and durability means that it can withstand intensive use and trauma.

The structure of the pool liner can withstand exposure to all extremities of weather, and the pool can be run at temperatures of up to 33°C (91°F) without any impact on the expected life span of the pool lining. In fact, even at temperatures of up to 35°C (95°F), the pool liner will still be able to run comfortably for many years (in this case, it is covered by a 5-year guarantee).

Although this can be up to three times more expensive than your standard pool liners, the quality and durability of our liners more than makes up for that. As a result, on-site lining is the right choice for your pool.

How is on-site lining fitted?

The on-site pool lining is brought to the site, where it is measured and fitted.

The shell of the swimming pool must first be constructed and prepared by the main pool contractors using standard pool liner fittings (skimmers, inlets, lights, sumps, and liner lock) before the qualified and approved on-site lining installation team is called in (note, we never use sub-contractors for on-site lining).

The installation team start by gluing felt underlay to the base and sides of the pool. Generally, they would then weld a bead to the top of the sidewalls. There is an option for a different type of fixing whereby PVC-coated metal is fixed to the swimming pool and also underneath the coping stones. In this instance the liner is then welded directly onto the metal profile. This system is particularly useful when renovating old pools especially when it is important not to disturb the coping stones. The sidewall is then clipped into the liner lock (or welded to the metal profile) and cut to the correct depth. The base of the pool is then lined, and the sidewalls welded to the base. The material is overlapped by 50mm and welded with a hot air gun. All welds are scribe-tested and sealed with liquid PVC mastic.

Sample Pattern Choice*

There are several colour and pattern options available, as well as slip-resistant step lining. There is also an option to have lane markings incorporated into the lining for competition swimming. You can also have steps in the same colour as the rest of your pool if your steps are part of the pool structure.

 Please let us know if you would like to see any samples of pattern choices.

*Patterns change periodically, so please call or email us for the range currently available.

Please call us on 0208 941 6618 or email us to discuss your requirements, and for a competitive quote.


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