Automatic Electric Cleaners
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Automatic Electric Cleaners

Fantastic Pool Cleaning Equipment at Incredible Prices

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Cleaning and maintaining your pool is an important regular requirement in order to ensure that your swimming pool remains clean and hygienic. To help you make pool cleaning and maintenance an easier job, we stock a range of top-quality automatic robotic pool cleaners that can clean your swimming pool for you.

Automatic Robotic Pool Cleaners are a highly efficient and energy-saving way to clean your swimming pool. We have a range of models to suit your cleaning and maintenance needs. Choose from models which systematically clean the pool floor or models that can even cling vertically to the walls to clean right up to the waterline.

Our range of automatic robotic pool cleaners use far less energy than most pressure cleaners and it could help to save you up to 94% on your energy costs.

How does an Automatic Robotic Cleaner work?

Unlike suction cleaners, automatic robotic cleaners are powered by a separate electricity source and do not utilise the pool's filtration system. Once plugged into the electricity source (kept well away from the water), they operate using two motors housed in the drive unit. One motor sucks the pool water through a self-contained filtration bag and then returns the filtered water to the pool, whilst the other motor drives the tracks which move the unit along. These clever machines have roller-like brushes which scrub the pool clean, and automatically change direction when they reach a wall or the waterline. ‚Äč

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