Hayward Pool Vac Ultra Pro

The Hayward Pool Vac Ultra Pro Robotic Suction Cleaner is self-powered, and makes cleaning your pool fast, environmentally friendly and cost-effective. Internal turbines eliminate the need for an external power supply, and the unit connects quickly and easily to your pool filtration system (no booster pump required). It has a robust and stylish design, and is suitable for concrete, vinyl, and tiled pools.

This efficient and easy-to-use machine features a unique, patented 'Aqua Pilot' steering system which ensures the pool floor is cleaned systematically and in the most efficient way. It easily maneuvres up and down slopes, and a spiral movement while the unit is in operation prevents it from getting stuck. The unit also features advanced pod propulsion which eliminates the need for wheels and belts, providing consistent high performance.

Its special design with vacuum wings extends the cleaning area and allows to it capture small and large debris, including pollen, sand, twigs, leaves, and pebbles,  with ease. There are no bags or compartments to empty as dirt and debris are handled by your filtration system - larger debris is collected in the skimmer or pump strainer basket, and fine particles are trapped by the pool filter. If there is rather a lot of debris in the pool, you may wish to purchase the optional leaf canister which collects large debris before it enters the pool filtration system. 

Please note that a 0.75HP pump is required.

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