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While many animals can swim, they can often find it difficult to get out of water on their own and can unfortunately end up drowning. The Super Skamper Ramp is an expertly designed, award-winning, and patented device that allows animals to exit a body of water without assistance. It can be easily attached to the deck of a pool, or installed in many different applications including walled ponds, most docks and boats, reservoirs, lakes, etc.

This lightweight ramp is made from heavy-duty, blow-moulded polyethylene and is strong enough to withstand the weight of large animals up to 200lbs (approx. 90kg). Provided the ramp is fitted correctly, it will also provide an escape route for animals as small as frogs and spiders. The ramp can be extended if needed. The ramp is white in colour which means that it is visible to all living creatures both day and night, even if they are colourblind.

The ramp is very easy to assemble by simply snapping together. Everything required for installation is supplied (including rope, stainless steel D-rings, and washers), except for a 0.25in stainless steel pan-head screw (1.25in long) and concrete anchor required for a pool deck surface which must be purchased separately. To attach to a pool deck, it is recommended to bolt it down (if wood), or sink an anchor (if stone, etc) to hold the stainless steel D-ring clips and rope. If you do not want to drill into your deck, you can use existing railings or pool cover anchors etc. to attach to. You should ensure that the rope tie-downs are not spread much further apart than the width of the ramp for optimal performance.

The ramp should hang in the water at an angle that is approximately 30o below horizontal, so that its 'nose' is submerged by a few inches - this enables the animal to see it when they are in the water. In order to create a snug fit to the wall (including under a deep coping, such as with a steel-sided vinyl wall) there are two sets of holes in the ramp for threading the rope through.

The Super Skamper Ramp is suitable for use with vinyl pools and is designed to prevent an animal's claws from damaging the walls. In order to prevent rub on the vinyl from the ramp, it is recommended that the vinyl layer where the ramp is to be installed is doubled (though this is not essential).

Important: while most animals will instinctively use the ramp, you must train your dog to use it.

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