Immerstar Pool Alarm

The Immerstar Battery Powered Pool Alarm is a clever system that can detect the falling of a body in a swimming pool. The system has a sensor which sits in the water and analyses movement, distinguishing interference waves (cascade, filtration, rain, wind, etc.) from those emitted by a falling body. The system will emit a loud, 100db siren, should a person or animal fall into the pool.

The Immerstar alarm is adaptable on the edge of in-ground, semi-in-ground, and above-ground pools, up to a maximum size of 12m x 5m. The system requires a range of 7m to detect the fall of a body in the water. The response time is proportional to the distance between the point of detection and the point of immersion. The system automatically switches from swim mode to alert mode so you don't need to remember to turn it on or off.

Please note that the Immerstar alarm system is not designed for self-supporting pools with soft walls, pools without a border, mirror pools, pools with gradually sloped access, or pools with a high rate of filtration (similar to a counter current system). The use of a solar cover can affect the functioning of the alarm.

Please note that the Immerstar 2.0 alarm system is an effective 'last line of defence' to protect your child or pet against water accidents. Children and pets must still be supervised at ALL TIMES. It takes just 2 seconds and 2 inches of water for a child to drown.

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