Mineral & Chlorine Purifiers


These use copper and silver electrodes which release ions that kill bacteria and algae. They enable pools to be run with lower levels of chlorine but they can not be used on their own.


Ozone is generated when a molecule of oxygen is illuminated by UV light. It destroys algae bacteria and viruses on contact, breaks down harmful chemicals and acts as a flocculent. It also oxidizes combined chlorine and bromine freeing them to be re-used. As micro-organisms are killed only as they pass through the unit a residual of chlorine or bromine must be kept in the pool.


Salt is added to the water at a concentration of human tears and electrolysis is used to produce chlorine from it. It is necessary to check that heaters ladders etc are suitable for saltwater. Salt chlorinators are not suitable with metal above ground pools.


For Square or Rectangular pools Length x Width x Average Depth x 6.25 = Gallons For Round or Oval pools Length x Width x Average Depth x 4.9 = Gallons. Measurements in feet

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