Coping Stones & Pavers

Sophisticated French or Traditional English Copings & Pavers at Incredible Prices

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Our Swimming Pool Surrounds are excellent quality and fantastic value for money. We have a unique selection of swimming pool coping stones and pavers, such as the exotic Sahara Caraterra, the sophisticated French Ardoise, and the beautiful English Senlac. From the traditional British white or buff copings to the vibrant and sophisticated range of paving from France, all of our coping stones are high-quality reconstituted stone. The French stones come in a choice of subtle colours: a warm pale sandy yellow, a faintly pinkish beige, and an off-white.

Swimming pool edging is one of the most important aspects of pool design. It can make your pool look more polished and put together. Pool edging can also help to keep your pool clean by preventing leaves and debris from getting into the water.

We have a fabulous collection of paving to match all of our coping stones, together with an assortment of pure solid sandstone and travertine rock in a range of shades, textures, and sizing. In addition to this, we also have a splendid selection of straight sizes, corner options, and curves. The ordinary curves have their waterside bullnose edge concave, so if you made a complete circle, the bullnose would be on the inside, whereas the reverse curves the bullnose rounded edge would be on the outside of the circle.

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